Shifting Focus

The iced trees still reach skyward,
their sheathed branches waiting,
the crystal water sparkling like
a million earth-bound stars,
so many miniature spheres of fire
yet nothing melts.

The thing that covers us in grief,
ashen and blank,
covers us golden.


  1. cynthia says:

    Love the “million earth-bound stars” of the crystal water! Beautiful image!! The last stanza is haunting and lovely at the same time. Mysterious ending that fits and I like. The notion of ice and fire is intriguing and all around us this time of year here. I enjoyed these icy trees and the revelation at the end!!! We are in the thick of winter indeed!!! Enjoy, dear friend…

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      Thank you so much . Yes, we try to see all as gifts, especially in winter. God bless us with a happy outlook!

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