Holy Thursday (II)

I wash their little feet
in a simple white tub
where the water is warm
and they want to stay forever.

Lavender and frankincense
rise with the steam
where love is taught
and patience comes with service.

The towel is soft,
the lotion soothes,
and now their eyes
shine with stars,

unbroken light from
the ages, how it shines
brilliant in my eyes,
washing away all our mistakes.


  1. cynthia says:

    Another wonderful poem! This seems to go with the color poem too. I love the first stanza and the way “they want to stay forever” in the warm water. Nice entry stanza. I can smell the lavender and frankincense in this piece…lovely details. The “unbroken light from the ages” is great! The notion of “washing away all our mistakes” is interesting at the end. It points to what Jesus did from the cross for all of us. And after he washed our feet. Love it!! This is just a loving and beautiful poem full of insight and perfect for Holy Thursday!! Blessings to all during the Holy Triduum.

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      Thank you, Cynthia. It’s funny how when I open up to the movement of the Spirit and allow myself to become a conduit for the poem, a piece comes out stocked with depth and insight. While it’s true that we should always assume the author intended the depth and the insight, there are times when it is all Holy Spirit work. (The least (or perhaps the most) I can do is get out of the way!) Blessings to you this Holy week… We are looking forward to Easter!

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