Yoga Updates and Reminders

Hi, Yoga Friends,

Thank you for a lovely first session of Autumn Yoga at No Limits Studio.  We have a one-week break between sessions, so there will be no classes tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 31st.  The second session of Gentle Yoga, as well as Ashtanga-Based Power Yoga, will begin Nov. 7.  Please visit the “yoga class schedule” page at for full details, and email to register for classes and upcoming workshops.

I’m happy to share that our first-ever weekly Restorative Yoga class at The Butterfly House was well attended and a joy to lead.  Thank you for your commitment to your well-being and self-compassion!  Look for more weekly restorative classes to begin in January 2017.  In the mean time,  I will hold a Restorative Yoga Workshop on Dec. 10 for everyone interested, beginners and beyond.

Our “sun-rise” yoga class (Ashtanga-Based Power Yoga) at The Butterfly House has been meeting from 7:00 – 8:15 am  for the last three weeks.  It’s been invigorating to begin our sun-salutations in the dark of night’s end, move through the practice during the blue shades of early dawn, and wake from savasana (relaxation) to the light of day.  Please join us for the last three weeks of our Autumn session.

Happy Practicing!

The Catholic Yogi

Additional Information

Parking at The Butterfly House:  The Butterfly House has four available parking spaces next to the building.  During the week, on-street metered parking is 25 cents an hour, 50 cents for two hours.  (There is a dish inside the Butterfly House with extra change for the meters.)  The Library parking lot, located at the corner of 3rd Street and Mulberry Street, is available for free.  Please do not park in the adjacent restaurant lot, respect all “no-parking” signs, and refrain from parking in the covered library lot as it is for library customers only. During Saturday and Sunday classes all spaces in the lot across the street are available, and on-street metered parking is free.

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