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I am not a short thought
in the mind of God.  I am
not all light and love.

I see the red-winged black birds,
sentries above the bramble.  Do I
stand guard, do I block the light?

I do not hold together in one piece,
see how my love lay filtered out:
patience, kindness, mercy,

and the sediment:
pride, anger, judgment.
My cup is not clear,

but see the cloudy drink
break the light into color:
whose light breaks that does not shine?



Autumn creeps toward us this year.  The white birch
turns from  green to yellow and goldens into November.
I watch the bright leaves shout to me through the front window,
and everyday for two weeks I think how I will write about it.

Now the wind comes, and well over half of the leaves
cover the ground in a splendid circular swath of color.
The wind has taken the rest:  oak, maple, buckeye, plum.
I see straight through all the branches into the sky.