Spring Yoga 2014

Yoga for Life

Sunday, March 23

Yoga for Life is an easy-going all-levels class. We will engage in a mindful exploration of breathing and moving that will not only benefit our bodies, minds, and spirits, but will also benefit the members of our community through our donations. You are enthusiastically invited to give items that will help brighten the day of area nursing home residents.  The Nursing Home Luncheon ministry of Resurrection parish needs bingo prizes.  Winners enjoy small stuffed animals, baseball caps, playing cards, hand lotions, writing tablets/journals, stationary, single serving snacks, etc.  No pre-registration is needed, and you need not participate in class in order to donate!

Six-Week Sessions
(pre-registration required)

Yoga Exploration
Sundays, March 30 – May 11 (No class April 20, Easter)
6:00pm – 7:00pm

Yoga Exploration is a gentle class designed for people of all levels. It is a “come as you are” kind of class. We will work with the breath (pranayama) and postures (asana) to lengthen and create space within the body for healing. We will focus our attention inward (pratyahara) allowing for calm and relaxation. We will move and breathe on purpose (vinyasa) to lift our spirits and have fun.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never practiced yoga before, if you’ve tried it a few times years ago, or if you are an experienced practitioner; you will be supported, as well as challenged ~ come as you are!

Power Yoga
Sundays, March 30 – May 11 (No class April 20, Easter)
7:15 – 8:15pm

Power Yoga is an all-levels class designed to build strength and flexibility through vigorous movement and the use of the ujjayi (victorious) breath.  We will spend time working on individual poses, as well as cultivating the “flow,” linking movement to movement through the breath, which is one of the joys of vinyasa (moving and breathing at the same time on purpose). We will learn modifications that support us where we are weak and ones that challenge us where we are strong.  This class is open to beginners, however, it is not recommended for those recovering from illness or injury. Please be prepared to work hard, as many of the sequences are physically demanding.


All classes will be held at No Limits Studio: Upper Level, 106 Delaware St., Lexington, Ohio, 44903, 419-545-1148.

Keep in mind, the studio is located at the top of a large flight of stairs.


You may pre-register for class by mailing your payment to Amy Secrist.  Please email amysecrist6@gmail.com for mailing address.  Simply state the class you wish to register for in the memo line.  (You may register for both classes if you’d like.)


Feel free to email questions or comments to amysecrist6@gmail.com.



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