Sweet Emmanuel

Chocolate milk in the morning,
knee-high hugs good-bye,
chocolate-spotted suit pants,
dark stains that won’t dry.

In what disguise will he turn up today?
Distressing, calm, or well?
It seems he sleeps and wakes within us,
sweet, Sweet Emmanuel.

We are each a Christ to one another,
each harnessing a dove.
We are Christ to each other,
loving and being loved.  








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  1. Cynthia says:

    I love, love “each harnessing a dove.” This is so wonderful. The detail of the chocolate milk and the stains really brings the imagery into focus. Tending to Christ in all his distressing disguises is truly our work and holiness here!! Thank you for reminding with this lovely piece and I love “he sleeps and wakes within us.” Beautiful Amy!!! Bravo….

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