Yoga Practice  ~ Spring 2017

Yoga Practice Offerings
with Amy Secrist

Spring 2017

Classes will be held at No Limits Studio in Lexington, as well as at the Butterfly House in Mansfield.  When considering attending a class or workshop, please make a note of the location.

Veterans Yoga

Saturdays, 11:30am – 12:30pm
Apr. 22; May 13, 20
The Butterfly House

Veterans Yoga in Richland County was founded by Dale Warren as a way to support veterans and their families.  Area teachers take turns leading free weekly classes for veterans, as well as their family members.  My classes (specific dates listed above) will focus on mindful breathing and moving, the relationship between the body and mind, and the ways in which a regular yoga practice can help relieve stress and uncover a sense of balance and ease in daily life, as well as in particularly stressful circumstances.  To find out more, please email questions to Dale at and keep in touch with veterans yoga via facebook.

Weekly Classes

Ashtanga-Based Power Yoga, Beginners & Beyond

Saturday Mornings, 7:00 – 8:15am
6 week session,  Apr. 22 – May 27
The Butterfly House
$55 for the 6 week session, or $13 drop-in

This 75 minute morning yoga class will explore postures and breathing techniques that cultivate ease and openness, strength and flexibility, awareness and contentment. Utilizing the principles of Ashtanga Yoga while following our body’s internal rhythms and wisdom, we will find support where we are weak and inspiration where we are strong.  Beginners & Beyond focuses on the fundamentals of power yoga, as well as explores modifications and variations on the traditional practice.  Come with an open mind and a big heart. All levels welcome!

*This class is open to beginners, and continuing beginners; however, it is not recommended for those recovering from illness or injury. Please be prepared to work hard, as many of the sequences are physically demanding.  Power yoga is a physically demanding practice; please check with your health care provider before attending if you have any concerns.

Restorative Yoga

Thursday Mornings, 9:30 – 10:30am
6 week session,  Apr. 20 – May 25
The Butterfly House
$50 for the 6 week session, or $10 drop-in

Restorative Yoga is for all levels and all styles, especially those of us who are limited by a stress-filled mind, physical injury, illness, chronic arthritis, or joint replacements.  A gentle yoga practice will warm and relax the body and center the mind.  We will explore supportive and healing postures that promote well-being and restore a sense of balance.  Wear comfortable clothing.  All supportive props are available at the studio, and chairs will be available for those of us who will not be practicing seated postures on the floor.  Please contact your health care provider to discuss any of your concerns and your readiness to attend.

Gentle Yoga ~ All Levels

Mondays Mornings, 9:30 – 10:30am
6 week session:  Apr. 17 – May 22
No Limits Studio
$50 for the 6 week session, or $10 drop-in

Gentle Yoga will explore mindful breathing and moving, foundational yoga poses, and deep relaxation.  Easy-going, invigorating, & restorative.  All levels welcome!

Ashtanga-Based Power Yoga

Mondays, 6:30 – 8:00pm
6 week session, Apr. 17 – May 22
No Limits Studio
$60 for the 6 week session, or $15 drop-in

Ashtanga-Based Power Yoga is grounded in the Asthanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition.  This is a 90 minutes class designed to build strength and flexibility through vigorous movement and use of the ujjayi (victorious) breath. We will spend time working on individual poses, as well as cultivating the “flow,” linking movement to movement through the breath, which is one of the joys of vinyasa (moving and breathing at the same time on purpose). We will learn modifications that support us where we are weak and ones that challenge us where we are strong. *This class is open to beginners, however, it is not recommended for those recovering from illness or injury. Please be prepared to work hard, as many of the sequences are physically demanding.  Power yoga is a physically demanding practice; please check with your health care provider before attending if you have any concerns.

To register for classes or to ask questions, please use the contact form below, or click here.


Pre-registration procures an ideal rate for ongoing weekly classes, ensures that you will be contacted if class is cancelled for any reason, and is encouraged to secure your place.  You may pre-register by mailing your payment to Amy Secrist. Please email for mailing address or use the contact form below.

Free Classes for First-time Students

Students who have not taken a class with me before are welcome to attend any weekly class for free before committing to a full session or before planning to drop-in a second time.


If you plan to drop-in to any weekly class, it is encouraged that you email in advance to be sure there is room, and that the class has not been cancelled for any reason.  Email or use the contact form.

Special Events & Requests

If you are interested in private yoga lessons, small group yoga classes, or hosting a yoga class for a special event, please email me at

Locations & Parking

No Limits Studio:
Upper Level, 106 Delaware St., Lexington, Ohio 44903

(Keep in mind, the studio is located at the top of a large flight of stairs.)

Free parking is available on site in the shared lot with BP Electric.

Butterfly House:
20 N. Mulberry St., Mansfield, Ohio, 44902

(This location offers handicap access.)

Parking at the Butterfly House

The Butterfly House has four available parking spaces next to the building.  During the week, on-street metered parking is 25 cents an hour, 50 cents for two hours.  (There is a dish inside the Butterfly House with extra change for the meters.)  The Library parking lot, located at the corner of 3rd Street and Mulberry Street, is available for free.  Please do not park in the adjacent restaurant lot, respect all “no-parking” signs, and refrain from parking in the covered library lot as it is for library customers only.

During Saturday and Sunday classes all spaces in the lot across the street are available, and on-street metered parking is free.


To make inquiries or to sign up for classes, please use the form below.




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