I do yoga in my mind. Do you?

I’m still Yoga-ing, friends. Are you?

Sometimes I think about doing yoga. And that is enough yoga for me.

During a challenging chunk of years bearing babies and growing a family, I was really down on myself for “not getting on my mat enough.” When I expressed this to one of my first teachers, she described yoga as “a fine fuel,” explaining that the hours and hours of asana, pranayama, and meditation (not to mention all the other limbs of yoga) I had put in prior to this moment were now sustaining me through this time. Heartwarming and uplifting, right?

It wasn’t just talk. I feel the truth of this statement even now: Yoga is a fine fuel. Yoga sustains me through times of challenge and joy. Yoga is pandemic-medicine.

Throughout illness and injury, during times of a thousand commitments, when caring for those younger than you, older than you, and right alongside you, inside moments of despair and moments of exuberance you don’t have to “do yoga” to “be a yogi.”

What I mean is, you don’t have to get on your mat and practice triangle pose or supta baddha konasana, warrior III or Trianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana to “be a yogi.”

You just don’t!

Try this instead: First Person Visualization of Your Favorite Sun Salute

  1. Set up in your favorite spot. Seated or lying down. With tons of props or none. (Or a little.)
  2. Close your eyes and settle into your body.
  3. Initiate a deeper, comfortable, inspiring breath.
  4. In the forefront of your mind, visualize moving through your favorite sun salutation. As many rounds as you like. In synch with your breath.
  5. Enjoy the benefits. (You still receive them!)

Happy Practicing!
(Or not.)
(Or somewhat.)
(Or Happy Practicing in a Different Way than Normal!)


The Universal Yogi

PS – I learned this kind of visualization practice from an AMAZING teacher – Jivana Heyman, founder of Accessible Yoga. So, so good.