6 week Yoga Class Series

Dear Yoga Friends,

We are deep into Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and I was thinking it would be really supportive to play some yoga, supporting each other on our way to Spring.

I will be offering a 6 week series of live, online, interactive classes starting next Sunday evening, Feb. 14, and going through the second day of Spring, March 21.

Yes, Feb. 14 is Valentine’s day and many of you might have big plans. But this week was the Super Bowl, so it was tricky. I’ve decided to start on Valentine’s Day because I really like the idea of this yoga practice being a sweet gift to ourselves. (And you could always include the class as part of your date night!)

This series is called Yoga TLC: Deep Practices for Wintering through to Spring. You can expect lots of tenderness, loving-kindness, and, of course, care.

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

I’ve been studying polyvagal theory, yoga therapy, and a whole lot of figuring out what works in my daily life, and I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned. Classes will include ways to access our inner resources, restore a sense of balance, and cultivate resilience in the face of difficulty. These practices are for times of challenge, dormancy, low-light, feeling out of sorts, and anything else that comes along with Winter. It is true that we’re also living through a pandemic, so these practices have become even more essential. We could easily call this series “Pandemic Yoga.”

Here are the details:

Yoga TLC
Sunday evenings
7:00-8:30pm (EST)
Feb. 14-Mar. 21
Online, Interactive Zoom

(Recordings will be available)

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Because times are challenging, I’d like to offer these classes on a donation basis. Please only give according to your comfort level, and do not feel compelled to make any financial offering at all. We give when we can, and we receive when we need to. Both of these are necessary practices on the journey.

If you like, you may consider donating by class or by series. Each class will build on knowledge acquired in preceding classes, so the best experience is to attend every class in the series if possible.

Suggested Donation Tiers for the 6 Week Series:
Yogi’s Choice

Suggested Donation Tiers per Class:
Yogi’s Choice

Each class will begin with a discussion of the week’s theme and include centering, movement, meditation, relaxation, and reflection time (journaling or sketching). There will be time built in to the beginning and end for discussion if you feel comfortable asking questions or sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

All classes will be followed by an email with extra resources and support for taking the practices through your week: recording link, journal prompts, encouragement, poetry, and music.

Click here to register.

Hope to see you soon!


The Universal Yogi