For India: Yoga for Life Benefit Class

Dear Yoga Friends

Please join me in responding to the Covid crisis in India, the motherland of our beloved yoga practices. We have benefitted beyond measure from the Indian wisdom teachings for decades, and now we offer our energy to support healing and life-giving resources for our fellow human beings, our fellow bearers of God in the world.

Money is a form of energy. Labor can be translated to money which can be offered in gratitude for the labor of others or as support for others who are in need.

For India: Yoga for Live Benefit Class is an opportunity to offer monetary energy to our siblings in India. Please offer any amount of monetary energy by selecting the donate button below.

All donations will be given to Manav Sadhna whose mission is to love all, serve all, and transform lives through meaningful and lasting change. They provide holistic, educational, compassion based action for skill development, children’s and women’s empowerment, and health and nutrition initiatives.

“By seeing God in every individual (manav),
service is transformed into worship (sadhna).”

Yoga for Life Benefit Class

For India
Sunday, June 6

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