Anniversaries, of sorts

My Dear Yoga Friends & Readers,

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first ever moment of teaching yoga online. It is the anniversary of the creation of my first youtube channel. And it is the anniversary of the day my family embarked on new ways of living.

As I write this I’m noticing that some anniversaries are celebrated, and others are noted as a time for pause and reflection on what has been experienced and what has been learned, like deaths.

(I have been known to celebrate when something extraordinarily damaging dies, like a relationship or an administration, for the possibilities that something life-giving will grow in its place – there is great hope and joy in that.)

We are used to celebrating births and lives well-lived, but we don’t necessarily celebrate deathdays. At least none that I’m aware of. Instead, we tend to solemnly acknowledge the day, to give the experience of death the the honor that it’s due.

This week I’ve been celebrating my partner’s birthday and my first bold steps into the online yoga teaching world. I’ve been marking the closure of my children’s schools for “the flu” and my partner’s epic journey navigating and guiding his employees, clients, and their families through the Covid Sea and the Pandemic Ocean as part of his day job.

What anniversaries are you marking this day, week, and month? What are you celebrating?

I’d like to share a yoga practice with you to both commemorate and celebrate the year behind and the year ahead.

My hope for all of us is that we honor our experiences, embrace what is life-giving, and release what no longer needs holding.

May you be blessed like crazy,
and may you have the strength to bear it.

With tenderness, loving-kindness, and care,


The Universal Yogi

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