David Swenson on Developing a Personal Practice

Rather than simply moving from asana to asana, feel that action from deep within.  Listen to your breath.  Can you ride the breath like a bird on a breeze?  Where is the mind?  Can you maintain your focus and remain calm even when approaching a posture that you dread?  Enjoy yourself.  I have never had a practice that I regretted.  Not once have I finished a routine and thought, ‘Oh, I wish I hadn’t done that.’  But there have been days that I didn’t practice and later wished I had.  Keep it fun.  Take just a few minutes and spend it with yoga.  The rest of your day will be better.  Yoga is a scenic journey to our deepest spirit.  Do as much or as little as feels correct….It is always better to do a little than none at all.”

From:  Ashtanga Yoga:  The Practice Manual

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