of grasping and giving (II)

The rubied pearls of pomegranate
sparkle in their halved bowl,

the depth of red juice filling in the gaps
where the membrane segments and cradles

the seeds like yolks in whites in shells.
The full leafed plants languish

in the November garden
while the children push their root

systems into their still-warm earth,
crushing the bright arils between their teeth,

exploding the tart-sweet mysteries
of love’s reciprocity, of grasping and giving.


  1. cynthia says:

    This is lovely!!! The details of the “halved bowls” and the “membrane segments and cradles” and the “bright arils” are very vivid and nice. I had to look that last word up in the dictionary. A good word choice in its’ particularity. The nesting of the “seeds like yolks in whites in shells” is great in the rhythm and the way it unfolds the image so clearly. The children pushing “their root/systems into their still-warm earth” is wonderful and tactile. The final lines of “exploding the tart-sweet mysteries of love’s reciprocity, of grasping and giving” opens up layers of meaning: the grasping of the fruit and the eating of it as a gift from the garden; of love given and received, is beautiful. I also love the “rubied pearls of pomegranate”…very nice and fun to read aloud. It takes me into the poem alert. Your children are such wise teachers and I love their presence in your poems. Good work and bravo!! friend. Love and light your way….

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      Without the children, I would know nothing! Thank you for the effort and time spent reading. Love your insights!

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