Commitment to Practice

Our six week session of power yoga practice begins this evening, a structured 90 minute class focusing on mindful breathing, moving, and gratitude meditation.

Consider committing to the entire session and notice how dedicating 90 minutes once a week to your yoga practice can bring health and wellness into your daily life.  Admittedly, you’ll save some cash by registering for six classes in advance, but more importantly, you’ll develop skills and practices that have the ability to enhance your life in meaningful ways.  It’s possible that you’ll want to begin practicing on your mat at home, daily, and even practicing off your mat, sitting in traffic, standing in your office, or walking to an appointment.

There’s a great comfort in knowing we can drop into a yoga class anywhere anytime, as it’s just sitting there on the schedule waiting for us to attend.  But there’s also a great beauty and strength, and even self-compassion in showing up for ourselves week after week, or day after day, and doing the practice.  Think of it as an experiment, this dedication to discipline; we never know what treasures might be uncovered.

Power Yoga Practice
Mondays, 7:00- 8:30pm
6 week session, Sept. 18 – Oct. 23
6 week session, Nov. 6 – Dec. 11
$60 per session or $15 drop-in
No Limits Studio

Power Yoga Practice is a 90 minute class of mindful moving, conscious breathing, and gratitude meditation that will strengthen the muscles of our bodies, minds, and spirits.  We will be supported in our weaknesses and challenged in our strengths.  Everyone will be encouraged to work at their own pace, ask questions, and stay curious.  Power Yoga Practice is a practice, not a performance, and all levels are welcome, beginners and beyond.  Come experience the energizing, calming, and healing effects of yoga for body, mind, and spirit.

To ask questions or to register, please email: or visit the contact page.