Generous Wisdom | Spacious Heart: Encouragements, Updates & Future Offerings Sept. 2021

Hello Dear Readers, Writers & Yogis,

Welcome to the first Generous Wisdom | Spacious Heart Newsletter. I hope you’re as excited to read it as I am to be sending it. Just Three Things:

  • You’re doing amazing. We are in “Phase II” of the pandemic, and I want to remind you of how resilient you are. Last year I shared a post about nesting and I want to remind us to do that again. ReNest. I also shared a post about all the ways Love is Spacious. Practice Spaciousness.
  • Reconstruction & New Location. The website is still in its reconstruction phase. Soon you’ll find a new logo, new layout, and hopefully some cool photos. After that – online courses! Thank you for your patience and graciousness. I’m currently working on securing a new space for in-person classes. I hope to offer hybrid classes in addition to in-person only and online only.
  • Breathe, Laugh, Play: A Yoga Series of Movement & Meditation. The Wise Heart Yoga offering has a new signature series: Breathe, Laugh, Play. This group of classes will be a combination of yoga postures and extended meditation. All levels welcome! More details to come.

I miss you all. I’m looking forward to seeing you again, whether it is online or in person. I can’t wait.

Wishing you spaciousness,


A Universal Yogi

Write me a note and tell me how you’re doing ~


Hello, Yoga & Writing Friends!

Two Quick Things: 1) Social Media Update 2) Yoga Practice Opportunity.

Social Media

I’ve been updating some social media things and want to let you know what to look for.

The Backstory ~ My new site at is Generous Wisdom | Spacious Heart where we explore movement, metaphor, meditation, and meaning. This is how I ended up with four M’s. Yoga is a huge part of my work, but Generous Wisdom| Spacious Heart lives outside of the yoga box. It’s wordy, I know, and “not good for the internet.” Those of you who are familiar with me are laughing right now, both because I’m wordy AND because I don’t spend much time on social media!

Because of this, my site, my tagline, and my handles are not as easily searchable as they’ve been in the past. But I feel STRONGLY called to make this shift happen, so I’m asking for your help. Would you be willing to follow me and share to your networks? If so, please click below, follow, and share wildly.

Yoga Practice Opportunity

Anyone interested in a Yoga TLC Refresh? If yes, click here! Fill out the contact form and let me know if you’re interested in online class, in-person indoors, or in-person outside in nature.

Right now I’m thinkin’ about an indulgent 90 minute class with, you guessed it, movement, meditation, metaphor, & meaning-making. (MmmmYoga.)

This class is for you if:

  • you feel you don’t have enough time in your life to squeeze it in
  • you’re interested in neuroscience
  • you’re running on empty
  • you have no personal bandwidth/brainspace
  • you’re curious about interpersonal neurobiology
  • you feel on the edge of burnout
  • You Are Burnt OUT
  • you’re wondering about polyvagal theory
  • you would like to feel better or more like “yourself”
  • you don’t want another power vinyasa flow
  • you want to be in community with other yogis
  • you’re interested in exploring mindful movement
  • you’d like to experience what “mindful yoga” is like
  • you want to engage with yourself and others in a new and supportive way
  • you think moving slowly sounds delicious

I’m excited to share what I’m practicing and learn from the wisdom of our community.


A Universal Yogi

“The word mindfulness is not used [much] in Christian and Jewish circles because mindfulness is a Buddhist word.  But what is mindfulness?  Mindfulness is to be aware of everything you do every day.  Mindfulness is a kind of light that shines upon all your thoughts, all your feelings, all your actions and all your words. Mindfulness is the Buddha.  Mindfulness is the equivalent of the Holy Spirit, the energy of God.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

A New Direction

Hello, Dear Readers,

It’s been awhile! I have no new poems to share, but I do have updates. If you’ve visited the site recently, you’ll have noticed some changes. Love & Be Loved is welcoming the Universal Yogi (formerly The Catholic Yogi), two sites becoming one with a shared vision: to create a more peaceful and loving world, one small practice at a time.

This site is presently in a mash-up phase as I merge and transform the two sites into one. Many things are quite mixed up and messy! 

The Catholic Yogi was originally founded as an invitation for everyday mystics to see Christ energy everywhere. All the Yoga Stuff from is here. Just poke around through all those pages listed at the bottom to check out what’s available. Lots of updates and offerings are on the way. Lots of rearranging and restructuring, too. You can expect online course opportunities in yoga, meditation, and writing.

I created Love and Be Loved as a place to record and be reminded of the sacredness of daily life. To Love and Be Loved – a simple, mysterious endeavor. The poetry blog has functioned as a scrapbook of mystical moments, small successes, and massive triumphs in living my heart’s desire ~ to be of service ~ to be compassion itself, to embrace life.  I am hoping to share a little light by sharing my experiences with this practice. You’ll notice no new poetry content since the end of 2018, but more to come in the future.

May you be blessed like crazy
and may you have the strength to bear it.

I hope you continue to follow, read, and practice along with me ~ and invite your friends!

Amy ~ Universal Yogi