An Ode on the Eve of Our Anniversary

Today’s clouds sit in the sky, scoops of ice cream
on glass tables.  On a tiny mountain top
we let our feast rest warm in our bellies, watch
our kids run wild

through the prairie grass.  The trees’ journey toward
winter deepens, leaves like flames flare along the
horizon, flash out of the dense green skyline.
Our season, shifting

within this sphere of space and time, we measure
love in actions; we count our growth rings on the
circumferences of memories.  We are
stories, closed curves combined.


  1. cynthia says:

    I love this! The clouds as ice cream on a glass table is a delicious image.. counting “growth rings on the circumferences of memories” is a powerful and wonderful image with many layers. I also liked the family scene, the children running wild, the feast having been consumed and especially measuring “love in actions;” I love, love love the ending “We are stories, closed curves combined.” The resonance and connotations are layered and deep. Very rich piece here. I like the stanzas and the order also. I love the word shifting, especially this time of year with all the changing flux! I enjoyed reading and rereading this piece immensely. Thank you for your beautiful gift and sharing. Can’t wait to read your next poem!! Love and light your way always….

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      Same to you, dear friend. I am grateful for your reading. All is shifting and turning now…it is good to be present with it. Love and Light to you…

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